WWE Main Event 1/12/23

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WWE Main Event
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WWE Main Event Results January 12, 2023 Preview

Akira Tozawa lands an open hand shot and Odyssey Jones just laughs at him. Tozawa works a side headlock and that gets reversed easily. Tozawa gets caught with an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline turns him inside out. Jones carries Tozawa around the ring above his head and slams him to the mat.

He works the arm and shoulder. Jones misses a charge in the corner which lets Tozawa go up, but he gets caught. Tozawa slides out of a slam and goes to the knee with a dropkick. He fires off a bunch of kicks and gets a running knee to the head.

Diving elbow knocks Jones to the mat but he easily kicks out as Tozawa goes flying across the ring. Tozawa up top again but misses so he has to roll through and as he gets back up Jones plants him with a Boss Man Slam for the win.