AEW Rampage 2/24/23

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AEW Rampage
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AEW Rampage Results February 24th, 2023 Preview

Omega and Hardy are tagged in quickly. Hardy looks for the Twist of Fate but Omega escapes and is sent to the outside. Hardy teases a moonsault off the top but Page catches Omega with a flying elbow off the apron instead. Page in control but Omega hits a hurricanrana and tags Nick. Double enziguiri to Page and an assisted Kitaro Crusher by Omega to Cassidy. Nick with a tornillo to the outside that takes out everyone but Hardy. Matt looks for the forever Northern Light’s inside the ring on Hardy but Page makes the save. Back breaker by Page to Matt. Hardy in now who deletes Matt into the turnbuckle before hitting a powerbomb out of the corner. Hardy looks for the guillotine leg drop off the middle rope but Page tags himself in and finds himself on the business end of a superkick.

Omega in now with a cross body off the top rope. YOU CAN’T ESCAPE to Page gets a two count. Triple team clotheslines by The Firm after a distraction to Omega. Double superkicks to Cassidy by the Bucks allow Omega to hit the snap dragon suplex on Page. Bottom rope assisted flatliner to Nick by Cassidy but a V-Trigger by Omega to Page evens the odds. Enziguiri in the corner by Nick and a bulldog to Isiah. Triple superkick attempt by The Elite but Page and Hardy pull Mat and Omega out, allowing Cassidy to hit a running destroyer. Double Iconoclasm into a Twist of Fate by The Firm! Two count. Running V-Trigger to Cassidy’s back by Omega! One Winged Angle and this one. is ov–, wait, BTE TRIGGER now, and this one is really, really over.

  • AEW World Trios Titles: The Elite (c) vs. The Firm
  • Swerve Strickland vs. Brian Pillman Jr.
  • Saraya & Toni Storm vs. The Renegade Twins
  • Christopher Daniels vs. Rush

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